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    SISSA - Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati    
    via Bonomea 265, 34136, Trieste, Italy     
    Tel: +39 040 3787 111 (Switchboard/Reception)

Reach us by plane

Trieste "Ronchi dei Legionari" airport is about 25km north-west of Trieste. From there you can take the train to Trieste Centrale or alternatively there is the APT coach service to the centre of Trieste (Line 51). Tickets are available respectively at the automatic vending machine close to the railway stop, and at the blue machine just beyond the arrivals gate (APT timetable). 

Another good option, especially during weekends, is to book a seat on the "Science Bus", which is a shuttle service between Trieste and all the nearest major airports - Ronchi, Treviso, Marco Polo and Brnik (Ljubliana). Be sure to book your seat on the Science Bus at least two days before you need to use it and ask us for a voucher code when you book online. As a last resort, you can take a taxi: the cost is around 50€.

Venice Airports (Marco polo and Treviso) are other options for coming to Trieste. From the airports you'll need to take the coach service to Venezia Mestre train station (tickets available at the ATVO service desk at the airport foyer). Once there, you can take a train to Trieste Centrale (two-hour trip).

Reach us by train

The main train station is Trieste Centrale, about 5km from SISSA. To reach us, you'll need to take bus number 38 from Piazza Oberdan (see below) or a taxi.

Note that most long distance trains coming to Trieste pass through Venezia Mestre train station, which might involve changing trains at Mestre. In Italy, train tickets should be purchased in advance either from an automatic vending machine or from a sales assistant. Validate your ticket using the machine nearby the tracks before travelling. Another option to buy tickets is Trenitalia website.

From Trieste to SISSA

  • By bus. Take bus number 38 from Piazza Oberdan (every 20 minutes, in front of Harry's bar). Get off the bus at the last stop, right outside the main SISSA gate. Tickets are available from news kiosks, Tabacchi or you can use the tpl fvg app. Validate your ticket once on board. The trip takes about 15 minutes.
  • By tram (not available at the moment). You can get to SISSA also by the historical tram line Trieste-Villa Opicina. The tram leaves every 20 minutes from downtown terminus of Piazza Oberdan. To arrive at SISSA, get off at the Obelisk stop (20 minutes journey). From the Obelisk, walk down Via Bonomea for about 10 minutes. It is a real picturesque experience!
  • By car. SISSA is very close by the Obelisk, just outside Opicina, as shown on the following map. When arriving at SISSA, drive through the main gate, press the buzzer to be allowed through the barrier, and drive down taking a right turn into to the underground car park.

SISSA-ICTP Shuttle Service

A shuttle service between ICTP and SISSA is available (schedule).