PhD in Theory and Numerical Simulation of Condensed Matter

The PhD curriculum in Theory and Simulation of Condensed Matter is addressed to highly motivated students interested in undertaking a research activity in the multifaced and constantly evolving field of condensed matter theory.

Students are selected through an international selection based on academic qualifications, a written exam and an oral interview (see for further details the section Admission). The deadline for the Spring call is early March of every year (see details in "Announcement and deadline", at the bottom of the page).

The standard duration of the Ph.D. program is four years, but the defense can be anticipated up to the end of the third year.

All SISSA students are awarded a grant (currently € 1.195,00 net/month approximately). A contribution towards living expenses of the amount of € 1.800,00 gross per year will also be provided in the presence of a regular rental contract.

During the first year the students attend classes where they learn the most advanced tools for modeling and studying states of matter, from ab-initio simulation of real materials and molecules, to quantum simulation of lattice models, from the classical statistical theory of many-body systems to its quantum counterpart, and become familiar with the broad research carried on at SISSA through more focused courses (further information in the section Teaching). This preliminary stage provides students with a common background and all the information necessary to decide in full autonomy their research plan.

The subsequent three years in the PhD program are devoted to research activity under the guidance of one or more supervisors, chosen by the student in the second part of the first year. Yearly progress reports ensure timely detection and solution of possible difficulties. At the end of the program the students have to submit and defend their thesis in order to obtain the Ph.D. degree, equivalent to the Italian "Dottore di ricerca".

More information about admission can be found here:

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