Quantum Many Body Systems and Strongly Correlated Electrons I
Basic Course given by Massimo Capone
Start Date
End Date
Tue: 11:00-13:00
Wed: 11:00-13:00


This is the website for the first half of the basic many-body course. The second half is held by Michele Fabrizio right after the end of these lectures.

The course has also a follow-up which develops more deeply the theory of strongly correlated electron system and its relation with high-Tc superconductivity.

The basic course introduces some of the main standard tools to study many-particles systems in the concrete case of the Hubbard model and for the study of superconductivity and magnetism.

Here follows the  list of lectures. The last two lectures are "bonus" lectures to be agreed on with the students during the course

3/10/2023A brief reminder of second quantization
4/10/2023The Hubbard model. Derivation and simple limits
10/10/2023Weak and strong coupling limits of the Hubbard model
11/10/2023Strong-coupling expansion and the tJ model
17/10/2023Spin-waves for the Heisenberg model
18/10/2023Linear-Response Theory
24/10/2023Hartree-Fock approximation
25/10/2023Finite-temperature Hartree-Fock method
7/11/2023A nice and useful trick: mapping repulsive and attractive Hubbard models
8/11/2023Superconductivity. BCS theory as a mean-field
14/11/2023The phase diagram of the Hubbard model from simple methods I
15/11/2023 The phase diagram of the Hubbard model from simple methods II
TBD Bonus lecture 1
TBD  Bonus lecture 2