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Photo-induced eta-pairing in the Hubbard model

Tomonori Shirakawa, post-doc in Condensed Matter group at SISSA, and Prof. Sandro Sorella recently published a paper in Physical Review Letters about the photo-induced eta-pairing in the Hubbard model.   

February 22, 2019

Understanding the pairing mechanism for FeSe

Laura Fanfarillo, post-doc in Condensed Matter group at SISSA, recently published an article in npj Quantum Materials unveiling the pairing mechanism for FeSe high-temperature superconductor.

November 7, 2018

Condensed Matter Seminar

11:30, 4 Apr 2019

Speaker: Ali Hassanali (ICTP)

Title: Promiscuity in Liquid Water: An Atomistic Perspective

Condensed Matter Seminar

16:30, 17 Apr 2019

Speaker: Mikko Alava (Aalto University)

Title:Criticality in dislocation plasticity

Condensed Matter Seminar

11:30, 18 Apr 2019

Speaker: Andrea Ferretti (CNR NANO) Title: From koopmans-compliant functionals to a functional theory of the spectral density