Winter School on Strongly Correlated Quantum Matter

The last two decades have witnessed the development of an increasingly interdisciplinary approach to the theory of strongly correlated systems interfacing with quantum field or quantum information theory and more recently with artificial intelligence. This has been accompanied by rapid experimental progresses, both in solid state and atomic physics platforms. The aim of this virtual school is to present a broad-spectrum introduction to the field of strongly correlated systems, with particular attention dedicated to cross- disciplinary aspects. The school is structured combining pedagogical lectures with several small scale, 'pyramidal' tutoring for some of the lectures, a series of 'overview' selected seminars, and a poster session. It will be a particular goal to foster scientific interactions, where we eagerly await also initiative actions and contributions by the participants.

The school will take place online from 30 November to 18 December.

More details can be found in the website of the event.

Dated: October 29, 2020