Understanding electron correlation by computer simulation

Basic course given by Sandro Sorella, Federico Becca

Start: 09-10-2017 End: 21-12-2017 Room: 131
Schedule: TBA


  • Overview on probability theory.
  • Classical Monte Carlo: Markov chains 
  • Classical Monte Carlo: Metropolis algorithm, practical implementation
  • Classical Langevin molecular dynamics at finite temperature
  • Second order Newton and Langevin molecular dynamics
  • Hartree and Hartree-Fock approximation
  • Correlation effects: Exact diagonalization
  • Correlated wave functions in many body theory
  • Size consistency, size extensivity, entanglement entropy, area law
  • Variational Monte Carlo for lattice models
  • Diffusion Monte Carlo for lattice models
  • Matrix product states: DMRG as a variational approach
  • Path integral approach at finite temperature

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