Hands on course on Dynamical Mean-Field Theory, implementation and extensions

Advanced course given by Massimo Capone, Adriano Amaricci

Term: 3

Start: 06-04-2020 End: 24-06-2020 Room: 131

Credits: 2

Schedule: Mon 9:30 - 11:00, Tue 9:30 - 11:00, Wed 9:30 - 11:00


- Brief review of DMFT equations and approximation
- The simplest impurity solver: iterated perturbation theory. Brief derivation. 
- Hands-on implementation: Matsubara (FFT) and Real-space (fast convolutions)
- IPT at work: the Mott transition. 
- Exact Diagonalization  solver. General idea and scheme of the solver.
- States representation, binary decomposition, operators. 
- (If needed: Lanczos method I: ground state determination)
- Lanczos method II: Green’s functions calculation. 
- ED at work: Mott transition at zero temperature. 
- Long range ordering in DMFT: the antiferromagnetic case.
- Real-Space extension of DMFT. Overview. 
- Applications to nano-systems: form benzene to graphene nano-flakes. 
- Elements of correlated quantum transport from DMFT. 
   -  (If interesting: Non-equilibrium DMFT)