Alumni of the Condensed Matter Theory Curriculum

Name Year Supervisors Thesis
Mattia Angeli 2020 Michele Fabrizio Emergent phenomena in twisted Van der Waals materials
Karla Baumann 2020 Massimo Capone Mott transition, topology, and magnetism of interacting fermions in confined geometries
Lorenzo Crippa 2020 Massimo Capone
Adriano Amaricci
Local and non-local correlations in Topological Insulators and Weyl Semimetals
Matteo Ferri 2020 Simone Piccinin
Stefano Fabris
Stefano De Gironcoli
Ab-initio Characterization of a Novel Photocathode for Water Splitting: Bulk and Surface Properties of CuFeO2
Claudio Genovese 2020 Sandro Sorella Geminal Power in QMC
Jacopo Marcheselli 2020 Stefano Baroni
Marco Garavelli
Stefano Corni
Simulating Plasmon Enhancement of Optical Properties in Hybrid Metal-Organic Nanoparticles
Silvia Pappalardi 2020 Rosario Fazio
Alessandro Silva
Entanglement dynamics and chaos in long-range quantum systems
Giulia Piccitto 2020 Alessandro Silva Cluster mean-field dynamics of the long-range interacting Ising chain
Yusuf Shaidu 2020 Stefano De Gironcoli Interatomic Potential for Li-C Systems from Cluster Expansion to Artificial Neural Network Techniques
Andrea Urru 2020 Andrea Dal Corso Lattice dynamics with Fully Relativistic Pseudopotentials for magnetic systems, with selected applications
Matteo Wauters 2020 Giuseppe Santoro Adiabatic approaches to non-equilibrium systems: Topology, Optimization, and Learning
Luca Arceci 2019 Giuseppe Santoro Dissipation effects in driven quantum many-body systems
Francesco Ferrari 2019 Federico Becca Static and dynamical properties of frustrated spin models
Daniele Guerci 2019 Michele Fabrizio
Massimo Capone
Beyond simple variational approach for strongly electron systems
Juraj Hasik 2019 Federico Becca Towards next-generation methods to optimize two-dimensional tensor networks: Algorithmic differentiation and applications to quantum magnets
Deepak Bahadur Karki 2019 Michele Fabrizio
Mikhail Kiselev
Multi-color Fermi-liquid theory of quantum transport through a multilevel Kondo impurity
Glen Bigan Mbeng 2019 Giuseppe Santoro Quantum annealing and digital quantum ground state preparation algorithms
Muhammad Nawaz Qaisrani 2019 Stefano Baroni
Ali A Hassanali
Ralph Gebauer
A Multi-scale Approach to Studying the Complexity in Glutamine Aggregates: Structure, Dynamics and Electronic Properties.
Martina Teruzzi 2019 Giuseppe Santoro
Erio Tosatti
Alessandro Laio
Markov State Modeling of 2D Nanofriction
Maja Berovic 2018 Massimo Capone Exploring Hund's correlated metals: charge instabilities and effect of selective interactions
Caterina De Franco 2018 Federico Becca
Luca Fausto Tocchio
Magnetism and Superconductivity in the Two-Band Hubbard Model: A Variational Monte Carlo Perspective
Loris Ercole 2018 Stefano Baroni Ab Initio Simulation of Heat Transport in Silica Glass
Lorenzo Gigli 2018 Giuseppe Santoro
Erio Tosatti
Friction and Adhesion of graphene nanoribbons on gold: an MD investigation
Francesco Grandi 2018 Michele Fabrizio
Adriano Amaricci
Mott insulators in disguise
Seher Karakuzu 2018 Sandro Sorella Variational and auxiliary field Monte Carlo for the Hubbard and Hubbard-Holstein models: an accurate finite-size scaling and a "sign problem" solution
Simone Notarnicola 2018 Alessandro Silva
Rosario Fazio
Coupled quantum kicked rotors: a study about dynamical localization, slow heating and thermalization
Mariam Rusishvili 2018 Stefano Baroni
Alessandra Magistrato
Color optical properties of anthocyanins in solution: a multi-scale computational study
Lorenzo Privitera 2017 Giuseppe Santoro Non-equilibrium aspects of topological Floquet quantum systems
Nguyen Dung Tran 2017 Stefano Fabris Stability and Reactivity of Supported Single-Atom Catalysts: Insight from Density Functional Theory
Tommaso Zanca 2017 Giuseppe Santoro Landau-Zener processes in out-of-equilibrium quantum physics
Nicolo Defenu 2016 Andrea Trombettoni, Stefano Ruffo Applications of Functional Renormalization Group to Spin Systems and Long Range Models
Lorenzo Del Re 2016 Massimo Capone Multicomponent strongly correlated fermions in optical lattices
Tommaso Gorni 2016 Stefano Baroni Spin-fluctuation spectra in magnetic systems: a novel approach based on TDDFT
Francesco Peronaci 2016 Massimo Capone Transient dynamics of unconventional superconductors: d-wave symmetry and strong correlations
Francesco Petocchi 2016 Massimo Capone Competing interactions in correlated heterostructures
Davide Mandelli 2015 Erio Tosatti Sliding Nanofriction in Low Dimensional Model-Systems
Anna Maraga 2015 Alessandro Silva
Michele Fabrizio
Nonequilibrium dynamics in isolated quantum systems: absence of thermalization and dynamical phase transitions
Giacomo Mazza 2015 Michele Fabrizio Non-Equilibrium Phenomena in Strongly Correlated Systems
Michele Ruggeri 2015 Saverio Moroni Quantum Monte Carlo simulations of two dimensional 3He: low-density gas-liquid coexistence on substrates and iterative backflow wave functions for strongly correlated systems
Nicola Colonna 2014 Stefano De Gironcoli Exchange and correlation energy in the adiabatic connection fluctuation-dissipation theory beyond RPA
Ye Luo 2014 Sandro Sorella Ab initio molecular dynamics of water by quantum Monte Carlo
Aris Marcolongo 2014 Stefano Baroni Theory and ab initio simulation of atomic heat transport
Guglielmo Mazzola 2014 Sandro Sorella Metallization and dissociation in high pressure liquid hydrogen by an efficient molecular dynamics with quantum Monte Carlo
Angelo Russomanno 2014 Giuseppe Santoro Periodic driving of a coherent quantum many body system and relaxation to the Floquet diagonal ensemble
Matteo Sandri 2014 Michele Fabrizio The Gutzwiller Approach to out-of-equilibrium correlated fermions
Xiao-Chuan Ge 2013 Stefano Baroni
Arrigo Calzolari
Seeing Colors with Time Dependent Density Functional Theory
Sebastiano Saccani 2013 Saverio Moroni Quantum Monte Carlo studies of soft bosonic systems and minimum energy pathways
Hu Wenjun 2013 Sandro Sorella
Federico Becca
Unconventional phases in doped or frustrated quantum antiferromagnets: a systematic Quantum Monte Carlo Study
Mohammad Zhian Asadzadeh 2013 Federico Becca
Michele Fabrizio
Interplay of superconductivity and magnetism in the two dimensional Kondo lattice model
Simone Ziraldo 2013 Giuseppe Santoro Thermalization and relaxation after a quantum quench in disordered hamiltonians
Pier Paolo Baruselli 2012 Michele Fabrizio
Erio Tosatti
Kondo conductance anomalies from first principles
Mauro Iazzi 2012 Augusto Smerzi
Stefano Fantoni
Ginzburg-Landau description of superfluid layered fermions
Changru Ma 2012 Stefano Fabris
Simone Piccinin
Modeling Ru-based molecular catalysts for water oxidation
Ngoc Linh Nguyen 2012 Stefano de Gironcoli
Simone Piccinin
Toward Realistic DFT Description of Complex Systems:Ethylene Epoxidation on Ag-Cu Alloys and RPA Correlation in van der Waals Molecules
Riccardo Sabbatini 2012 Stefano de Gironcoli Non-local correlation in Density Functional Theory
Jiawei Xian 2012 Stefano Baroni
Paolo Umari
Electronic properties of gold nanoclusters from GW calculations
Hong-Yi Xie 2012 Michele Fabrizio
Vladimir Kravtsov
Markus Muller
Anderson Localization in Disordered Systems with Competing Channels
Giovanni Borghi 2011 Michele Fabrizio
Erio Tosatti
Gutzwiller Approximation applied to inhomogeneous lattice models and solid-state systems
Giuseppe Carleo 2011 Stefano Baroni
Federico Becca
Saverio Moroni
Spectral and dynamical properties of strongly correlated systems
Emine Kucukbenli 2011 Stefano de Gironcoli Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Study of Complex Molecular Crystals From First Principles: Case of Cholesterol
Franco Pellegrini 2011 Erio Tosatti
Giuseppe Santoro
Quantum Dissipation at the Nanoscale
Pietro Silvi 2011 Giuseppe Santoro
Rosario Fazio
Vittorio Giovannetti
Tensor Networks: a quantum-information perspective on numerical renormalization groups
Davide Venturelli 2011 Denis Feinberg
Rosario Fazio
Vittorio Giovannetti
Fabio Taddei
Channel Mixing and Spin Transport in the Integer Quantum Hall Effect
Juan Felipe Carrasquilla Alvarez 2010 Federico Becca
Michele Fabrizio
The Bose-Hubbard model with disorder in low-dimensional lattices
Yanier Crespo Hernandez 2010 Alessandro Laio
Giuseppe Santoro
Erio Tosatti
Calculating Thermodynamic Properties of Classical and Quantum Systems by a Metadynamics Monte Carlo Procedure
Marco Schiro' 2010 Michele Fabrizio Nonequilibrium Dynamics in Strongly Correlated Systems
Gabriele Sclauzero 2010 Andrea Dal Corso Modeling CO adsorption on Pt and Au monatomic chains and nanocontacts
Tommaso Caneva 2009 Giuseppe Santoro
Rosario Fazio
Adiabatic dynamics of many-body systems close to a quantum critical point
Nicola Lanata 2009 Michele Fabrizio The Gutzwiller variational approach to correlated systems
Lorenzo Paulatto 2009 Stefano de Gironcoli Ammonia Synthesis on Proton-enriched Palladium Substrate
Tatiana Skrbic 2009 Saverio Moroni
Stefano Baroni
Dynamics of doped 4He and 3He clusters from reptation quantum Monte Carlo
Huy-Viet Nguyen 2008 Stefano de Gironcoli Efficient calculation of RPA correlation energy in the adiabatic connection fluctuation-dissipation theory
Maria Elisabetta Pezzoli 2008 Michele Fabrizio
Federico Becca
Disorder and interaction: ground state properties of the disordered Hubbard model
Luca Fausto Tocchio 2008 Sandro Sorella
Federico Becca
A new variational wave function with backflow correlations for frustrated Hubbard models
Paola Gava 2007 Stefano de Gironcoli
Anton Kokalj
Modeling the catalyst selectivity in the ethylene epoxidation reaction A first principles study
Sandra Patricia Gonzalez Camelo 2007 Stefano Fantoni BCS superfluid Fermi systems with large scattering length
Yungfeng Liang 2007 Sandro Scandolo Modelling structure, phase transition, and vibrational spectroscopy of silica at extreme conditions
Massimo Lugas 2007 Sandro Sorella
Federico Becca
d-wave Superconductivity and antiferromagnetism in strongly correlated systems by a new variational approach
Javier Antonio Montoya Martinez 2007 Sandro Scandolo
Roger Rousseau
Ab-initio study on synthesis of new materials at high pressure transition-metal nitrides and non-molecular CO2 phases
Adriano Mosca Conte 2007 Stefano Baroni
Stefano Fabris
Quantum mechanical modeling of nano magnetism: new tools based on Density-Functional theory with case applications to solids, surfaces, wires, and molecules
Dario Rocca 2007 Stefano Baroni
Ralph Gebauer
Time-Dependent Density Functional Perturbation Theory New algorithms with applications to molecular spectra
Antonio Suriano 2007 Stefano Baroni Quantum mechanical modeling of the chemical reactivity of metal surfaces: two case studies involving water formation and dissociation
Manuela Capello 2006 Sandro Sorella
Michele Fabrizio
Federico Becca
Variational description of Mott insulators
Michel Ferrero 2006 Michele Fabrizio
Federico Becca
Competing Mechanism in Strongly Correlated Systems Close to a Mott Insulator
Stefano Paolini 2006 Stefano Baroni
Saverio Moroni
Rotational dynamics of molecular impurities of solvated 4He clusters: a computational study based on reptation quantum Monte Carlo
Claudio Attaccalite 2005 Sandro Sorella RVB phase of hydrogen at high pressure: towards the first ab-initio Molecular Dynamics by Quantum Monte Carlo
Demian Battaglia 2005 Giuseppe Santoro
Riccardo Zecchina
Survey Propagation Methods For Efficient Optimization and Probing of Glassy States
Michele Casula 2005 Sandro Sorella New QMC approaches for the simulation of electronic systems: a first application to aromatic molecules and transition metal compounds
Guido Fratesi 2005 Stefano de Gironcoli Low temperature methane-to-methanol conversion on transition metal surfaces
Carlo Sbraccia 2005 Stefano Baroni
Pier Luigi Silvestrelli
Computer Simulation of Thermally Activated Processes: Theory, Algorithms, and a Few Case Applications to Surface Chemistry
Lorenzo Stella 2005 Giuseppe Santoro
Erio Tosatti
Studies of Classical and Quantum Annealing
Tania Zykova 2005 Erio Tosatti High temperature physics and nanofriction properties of alkali halide surfaces
Lorenzo De Leo 2004 Michele Fabrizio Non-Fermi liquid behavior in multi-orbital Anderson impurity models and possible relevance for strongly correlated lattice models
Mahdi Zarea Ahmadabadi 2003 Alexander A. Nersesyan
Michele Fabrizio
Role of frustration in quantum spin chains and ladders: a field theory approach
Oleg Chalaev 2003 Vladimir Kravtsov Nonequilibrium persistent current in mesoscopic disordered systems
Paola Mosconi 2003 Giuseppe Mussardo Ghost models in two-dimensional condensed matter physics
Giuliano Orso 2003 Pieralberto Marchetti
Lu Yu
Spin-charge gauge approach to HTS cuprates: theory versus experiments
Evgenij Plekhanov 2003 Michele Fabrizio
Sandro Sorella
Hubbard U enhanced superconductivity
Davide Ceresoli 2002 Erio Tosatti Berry Phase Calculation of the Rotational and Pseudorotational g-factor in Molecules and Solids
Matteo Cococcioni 2002 Stefano de Gironcoli A LDA+U study of selected iron compounds
Luca Dell'Anna 2002 Michele Fabrizio
Claudi Castellani
Disordered d-wave superconductors: the role of nesting and interactions in transport properties
Paul Tangney 2002 Sandro Scandolo Improving molecular-dynamics simulations of simple ionic systems
Geraldo Ballabio 2001 Erio Tosatti
Sandro Scandolo
Stefano de Gironcoli
Some Theoretical Surprises on a Germanium Surface
Andrea Trombettoni 2001 Stefano Fantoni
Augusto Smerzi
Discrete Nonlinear Dynamics of Bose-Einstein Condensates
Federico Becca 2000 Sandro Sorella Electronic properties driven by strong correlation
Massimo Capone 2000 Michele Fabrizio
Erio Tosatti
The Mott Transition: Role of Frustration and Orbital Degeneracy
Luca Capriotti 2000 Sandro Sorella Quantum effects and broken symmetry in frustrated antiferromagnets
Gabriele Cipriani 2000 Andrea Dal Corso
Stefano de Gironcoli
Stefano Baroni
Ab-initio study of oxygen adsorption on selected transition metal surfaces
Matteo Calandra 1999 Sandro Sorella Superconductivity from strong electron correlation
Lorenzo De Santis 1999 Raffaele Resta
Paolo Carloni
Theory of electron localization function and its applications: Surfaces, impurities, and enzymatic catalysis
Alessandro Laio 1999 Guido Chiarotti
Sandro Scandolo
Erio Tosatti
Simulation of Iron at Earth's Core Conditions
Michele Lazzeri 1999 Stefano de Gironcoli A first principles study of the thermal expansion in some metallic surfaces
Carlo Cavazzoni 1998 Guido Chiarotti
Sandro Scandolo
Large Scale First-Principles Simulations of Water and Ammonia at High Pressure and Temperature
Cecilia Clementi 1998 Amos Maritan Effective potentials for protein folding models
Stefano Giovanazzi 1998 Stefano Fantoni
Augusto Smerzi
Macroscopic Quantum Coherence Phenomena in Bose-Einstein Condensates
Daniele Passerone 1998 Erio Tosatti
Furio Ercolessi
Guido Chiarotti
Structural Order and Thermal Disorder at the Surface of Selected Crystals: Theory and Simulations
Dario Alfe 1997 Stefano Baroni First Principles Study of Two Rhodium Surfaces upon Carbon-Monoxide and Oxygen Adsorption
Orion Ciftja 1997 Stefano Fantoni Variational Study of two Strongly Correlated Fermi Systems: Fractional Quantum Hall Effect and Atomic He3 at Zero Temperature
Alice Ruini 1997 Raffaele Resta
Stefano Baroni
Dynamical Charges at Surfaces and Interfaces: Their Role in the Schottky Barrier Problem
Antonino Marco Saitta 1997 Stefano de Gironcoli
Stefano Baroni
Theoretical study of the structural, thermodynamic and electronic properties of quaternary semiconductor alloy: (Zn,Mg)(S,Se)
Claudio Tebaldi 1997 Attilio L. Stella
Amos Maritan
Rare events dominance in non equilibrium critical phenomena: selected examples
Lucian Anton 1996 Amos Maritan Diffusion approach to non-equilibrium extremal dynamics
Guido Caldarelli 1996 Amos Maritan
Attilio L. Stella
From self organized criticality to patters formation. Theoretical aspects, occurence in nature.
Francesca Colaiori 1996 Amos Maritan
River networks dynamics, branching patterns and aggregation phenomena
Paolo De Los Rios 1996 Amos Maritan Strongly disordered systems from polymer statistics to phase transitions
Alessandro Flammini 1996 Amos Maritan Scaling behavior for models of river network
Franjo Franjic 1996 Sandro Sorella A Variational Approach to Strongly Correlated Systems
Zhong-Yi Lu 1996 Guido Chiarotti
Sandro Scandolo
Erio Tosatti
First-principles study of a-Sn surfaces
Michele Vendruscolo 1996 Amos Maritan Folding, stability and design of proteins
Marco Airoldi 1995 Michele Fabrizio
Giuseppe Santoro
Alberto Parola
Erio Tosatti
Selected Problems in Strongly Correlated Electronic Models
Claudia Bungaro 1995 Stefano Baroni
Stefano de Gironcoli
Dynamical Properties of Clean and H-covered W(110) Surfaces
Alberto Debernardi 1995 Stefano Baroni Anharmonic Properties of Semiconductors from Density Functional Perturbation Theory
Francesco D. Di Tolla 1995 Furio Ercolessi
Erio Tosatti
Interplay of Melting, Wetting, Overheating and Faceting on Metal Surface: Theory and Simulations
Nicola Manini 1995 Erio Tosatti Electron-Vibron Coupling in Charged Fullerene, Berry Phase and Superconductivity
Paolo Focher 1994 Michele Parrinello
Guido Chiarotti
First-principle studies of structural phase transformations
Matteo Marsili 1994 Amos Maritan From interface growth to dynamics in disordered media and self organized criticality
Francesco Mauri 1994 Roberto Car New developments in quantum molecular dynamics: excited state dynamics and large scale simulations
Francesco Pederiva 1994 Stefano Fantoni
Luciano Reatto
Quantum theory of non-homogeneous phases of Helium
Qingfeng Zhong 1994 Sandro Sorella Numerical study of strongly correlated electron systems
Marco Bernasconi 1993 Erio Tosatti
Guido Chiarotti
Ab initio calculation of structural and electronic properties of alfa-Ga surfaces
Marco Buongiorno Nardelli 1993 Stefano Baroni Phonon softening and high-pressure low-simmetry phases of cesium halides from first-principles techniques
Andrea Dal Corso 1993 Raffaele Resta
Stefano Baroni
Density Functional Theory beyond the Pseudopotential Local Density Approach: a Few Cases Studies
Michela Di Stasio 1993 Giuseppe Morandi
Arturo Tagliacozzo
From quantum Spins to correlated fermions: a new strong coupling method
Alberto Franceschetti 1993 Stefano Baroni Density-functional theory without orbitals: a path towards very large scale electronic structure calculations
Guido Goldoni 1993 Annalisa Fasolino Properties of spin-orbit coupled bands in semiconductors heterostructures
Roman Martonak 1993 Erio Tosatti Models of quantum paraelectric behaviour of Perovskites
Michele Fabrizio 1992 Erio Tosatti
Alberto Parola
New results for interacting Fermi systems: the 2D Hubbard model at low density and the two coupled chain problem
Andrea Ferrante 1992 Stefano Fantoni
Mario P. Tosi
Auxiliary variables in classical and quantum liquids
Jose' Lorenzana 1992 Yu Lu Doping states in cuprate oxide superconductors
Giorgio Mazzeo 1992 Giancarlo Jug
Erio Tosatti
Interplay between surface in-plane ordering and roughening
Pier Luigi Silvestrelli 1992 Stefano Baroni
Roberto Car
Auxiliary field quantum Monte Carlo for systems with repusive interactions
Xiaoqun Wang 1992 Stefano Fantoni
Erio Tosatti
Yu Lu
Variational studies on the Hubbard model within the FHNC theory
Miklos Gulacsi 1991 Andrea C. Levi Study and solution of the five-vertex model
Pasquale Pavone 1991 Stefano Baroni Lattice Dynamics of Semiconductors from Density-Functional Perturbation Theory
Zeenet Badirkhan 1990 Mario P. Tosi Density functional theory of freezing: some applications
Xiaojie Chen 1990 Andrea C. Levi
Erio Tosatti
New theoretical results and simulations of surface melting
Enrico Smargiassi 1990 Roberto Car Lattice vacancies and diffusion processes in crystalline silicon: a first-principles molecular dynamics study
Ivan Stich 1990 Roberto Car
Michele Parrinello
First principles molecular dynamics study of liquid and amorphous silicon
Francesco Buda 1989 Roberto Car
Michele Parrinello
Hydrogen in silicon: a first principles molecular dynamics study
Maria Peressi 1989 Alfonso Baldereschi
Stefano Baroni
Energy-Band Discontinuities at Lattice-Matched Semiconductor Heterojunctions
Sandro Sorella 1989 Michele Parrinello
Stefano Baroni
Roberto Car
Erio Tosatti
A Novel Technique for the Simulation of Interacting Fermion Systems
Li Wang 1989 Mario P. Tosi Concentration fluctuations in liquid metal alloys
Xiaoqian Wang 1989 Erio Tosatti
Stefano Fantoni
Correlated basis function method for fermions on a lattice: applications to the Hubbard model
Linfang Xu 1989 Annabella Selloni
Michele Parrinello
Quantum molecular dynamics study of dilute Na-NaBr liquid solutions
Qiming Zhang 1989 Annabella Selloni
Roberto Car
Michele Parrinello
First-principle molecular dynamics simulations of disordered GaAs
Francesco Ancilotto 1988 Annalisa Fasolino
Annabella Selloni
Erio Tosatti
Theoretical investigations of optical absorption and of tunneling behaviour of heterostructures in strong magnetic fields
Anna Bartolini 1988 Erio Tosatti
Furio Ercolessi
Low-index surfaces reconstruction and its influence on vicinal surfaces: the case of AU (100) and AU (111)
Furio Ercolessi 1987 Erio Tosatti
Michele Parinello
Molecular dynamics studies of gold: bulk, defects, surfaces and clusters
Abdallah Qteish 1987 Raffaele Resta Ab-initio study of Si-Ge alloys and ultra-thin superlattices
Cai-zhuang Wang 1987 Erio Tosatti
Michele Parrinello
A molecular dynamics study of the displacive surface recostruction phase transitions
Giulia Galli 1986 Mario P. Tosi On the structure and bonding of neutral and ionized molecules
Andrzej Fleszar 1985 Raffaele Resta Dielectric response in semiconductors: theory and applications
Sandro Massidda 1985 A. Baldereschi Electronic properties of the compound with AlB2 structure. Self-consistent LAPW study of BeB2, AlB2, CaGa2, and TiB2
Giorgio Pastore 1985 Mario P. Tosi Theory of the structure of charged liquids and some applications
Chun-Da Chen 1984 Erio Tosatti Topics in the theory of two-dimensional electron systems
Bruno D'Aguanno 1984 Mario P. Tosi Freezing of ionic liquids in correlation to hot solid structure
Jerzy Glazer 1984 Erio Tosatti Theory of spin effects in electron-electron scattering in metals
Chuan Hong Chen 1983 Michele Parrinello Polymorphic transitions in alkali halides
Eduardo Roman 1983 Mario P. Tosi A study of physical properties of ionic systems