Massimo Capone

Full Professor
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+39 040 3787 374
PhD students:
Gabriele Bellomia, Fabio Caleffi, Francesca Paoletti, Alberto Scazzola, Matteo Secli', Martino Stefanini

Research interests

    My research activity is dedicated to Strongly Correlated Electronic Systems, from High-Temperature Superconductors and functional oxides to Cold Atoms in optical lattices.

    I am the Principal Investigator of a PRIN2015 on the control of the electronic properties of solids by orbital manipulation, which follows the concluded ERC project dedicated to the understanding on high-temperature superconductivity arises as a cure of bad metallic behavior in a wide family of materials ranging from the fullerides to the cuprates, including also the iron-based superconductors

    My most recent research lines are:

    • DMFT+DFT for superconductors, oxides and organic materials
    • Electron-phonon interaction and correlations: Fullerides and other molecular solids
    • Non-equilibrium dynamics in high-temperature superconductors and other correlated materials
    • Orbital Selective Mott physics in iron-based superconductors and its implications on superconductivity
    • Inhomogeneous Superconductors: Interfaces, disordered materials, confined geometries

Massimo Capone publications