Valentina Brosco

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Research interests

    My research interests include different topics of theoretical condensed matter physics and quantum mechanics and they can be divided into five classes.
    • Strongly correlated materials and, in particular, interplay of spin-orbit coupling and strong correlation. On this topic I currently collaborate with the group of Massimo Capone at SISSA.
    • Transport in disordered two-dimensional materials, including two-dimensional heterostructures with spin-orbit coupling and graphene. This research activity is carried out in collaborations with Dr. L. Benfatto, Dr. E. Cappelluti and Dr. C.Grimaldi from EPFL.
    • Foundations of density functional theory (DFT) and development of new ab-initio approaches for the description of strongly correlated materials. The general purpose of our research in this field was to understand and correct the well-known failures DFT-based approaches through the extension to the continuum of techniques designed for strongly correlated lattice electrons. On this topic I collaborated with J. Lorenzana, P. Gori-Giorgi from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Dr. D. Varsano from University of Modena.
    • Emergence of non-abelian geometric effects in solids. This research activity has started during my PhD in collaboration with R. Fazio. My interests in this field are now mostly related to the possibility to observe non-abelian holonomies effects in solids featuring a strong spin-orbit coupling, in particular, I am currently interested in exploring the emergence of non-abelian holonomies and topological effects in spin-orbit coupled systems.
    • Decoherence models and the design of superconducting solid state devices for quantum com- puting, quantum simulation and quantum optics. This research activity has started during my PhD in Pisa with Prof. R. Fazio and continued during my first Post-Doc in Karlsruhe with Prof. G. Schön, it concerned the quantum dynamics and electrodynamics of superconducting circuits comprising Josephson junctions, in the presence of adiabatic drivings, decoherence or quantum electromagnetic fields. More recently my interest in superconducting circuits has been motivated by their connection with disordered superconductors and inhomogeneous correlated materials.
    Further research activity I am carrying out concerns the study of analogue quantum gravity models for graphene. On this topic I currently collaborate with A. Marciano' from Fudan University in Shanghai.

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